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Forces et Democratie, in English, Strength and Democracy is a new political party in Canada created recently by former NDP MP Jean-Francois Larose and former Bloc Quebecois and independent MP Jean-Francois Fortin. They have competition with Bloc Quebecois at the moment, and sources say that Bloc Quebecois will suffer with votes due to the new party. Well, this should also affect the Liberals that mainly are voted in Quebec, the reason for this is that the Liberal Party is mainly led by French-Canadians, that is why many French-Canadians would vote for them.

To be honest, I think this new separatist party is completely stupid. Why does Canada need a new separatist party? We already have Bloc Quebecois and Parti Quebecois (Quebec provincial party). I swear, this will lead to a merger with Bloc Quebecois and this new party. If you want to know why I believe this is because before 2003, the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada was not doing so well. A new Conservative party, Canadian Alliance was created in 2000, lead by Stockwell Day, then, Stephen Harper. Talks about a merger between the two Conservative parties occured during 2002. On December 7, 2003, the present-day Conservative Party of Canada was founded and registered with Elections Canada.

I know what you are all thinking, “Bossjamesinternational just explained the history of the merger that founded the present-day Conservative party and how the same thing will happen with the two Quebec separatist parties. Well Bossjamesinternational, you must know the party was recently founded and you should not assume this so quickly.” Well viewer, I am just saying that this new party will have a short lived history, and that Bloc Quebecois will take over. Besides most of Canada’s main political parties have seats in the House of Commons, but not in the Senate.

For those residing in Quebec right now, I believe that you should think about who to vote for either the Bloc Quebecois because I hate the Liberals or the new party, because I want to see how challenged they can be. I can not see the future of what’s going to happen, but I can believe what will happen. Think clearly about your decision Quebec.

This is bossjamesinternational, and I approve this message!

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