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Hello Anti-Pan Am supporters,

I am here with the latest on Pan Am updates. I live in York Region in the GTA (for those who don’t know where it is). I drove on this street last year and while I was approaching a block, I saw a Pan-Am site and examined it a bit. Over time it went into a new phase of development. Currently, it seems like it is fully developed, but maybe being evaluated on the inside to see if the facility is up to the safety requirements.

Pan-Am go back home, no Canadian wants you here! I am wasting my tax dollars just for this, a game that I will not watch, costing Canada billions of dollars to be wasted. Do you know what we could have used that wasted tax dollars for? All this good money could have been spent for fighting Ebola in west Africa or something Canadians actually NEED. We could have improved the TTC or something. Not all this money will be given back to us, the Pan Am games will start on July 10 and end on July 26.

If Canada wins, the only thing I will have is pride. Well, I don’t think pride costs over 3 billion dollars. If some other country wins, then they could have held the games instead. I mean, just compare this to the 2014 World Cup. Brazil hosted it and they got fourth place, FOURTH PLACE, are you freaking kidding me!

As I mentioned in a post during the world cup, Brazil had to spend money on renovating stadiums and building new stadiums for the 2013 Confederations Cup, the 2014 World Cup and they are hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics. This has cost Brazil billions of Reais, causing mass protests.

I have run out of shit to say, I hate it when Canada has to waste money for something we will never get back. Yeah like who’s gonna pay money to watch some shit games. The Olympics are much better. Vancouver already paid off their debt. Toronto is gonna be a totally different story I just hope that I can quickly design an Anti-Pan Am t-shirt and we can get this on the zakopinion market. Thank you and be prepared for the new Anti-Pan Am t-shirts in mid-2015.

This is Bossjamesinternational and I approve this message

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