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We live in an age I like to call the “Piracy Age.” Everything is available online. The price? FREE. Movies and music are the two most biggest things that people like to take (or in the FBI’s terms steal). I’m not so much of a big movie fan. I’d rather listen to music. I buy about 50% of my music off iTunes. The other 50% are on CDs. I still listen to CDs. Isn’t that crazy? You can find me listening to an Eminem album on my portable CD player. I do not download free music. It’s like stealing. I believe the artist deserves what they’ve worked for. Whether they be worth $1 million or $100 million, they still worked to get there. I believe people should pay for their favourite artist’s work. People who don’t pay for an artist’s work shouldn’t be fans. After all, the artist definitely wouldn’t like fans stealing their music. I believe that if you’re a fan of the artist, you should buy their music. If you download their music for free, you’re no fan. You’re a thief. In my eyes you’re considered a stupid loser. You play that stolen Eminem music all damn day, and nothing goes to Em himself. Instead the credits go to the cheap and illegal site you got the music off of. You claim you’re a fan, yet you take the music for free. Some fan eh? I wonder what you’re favourite artist would have to say (they’d probably call you a jackass). 

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