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Well, it is that time of year again: political party attack ads! I was on a highway listening to news radio and a Conservative attack ads plays. I listened to what the lady said, then what Trudeau said, finally it ended with the lady leaving a short message: “Trudeau is way over his head.” I then went on YouTube to actually watch the ads, and it showed Justin Trudeau removing his shirt at a club. Honestly, watching the ad was way better than listening to them on the radio because the footage that was filmed emphasizes the words.

From watching the ads, it makes me not want to vote for an irresponsible, careless, French-Canadian prick. When word got out about two Liberal MP’s sexually harassing two NDP MP’s, Massimo Pacetti and Scott Andrews, respectively. I was shocked, and Trudeau claimed it as misconduct. Misconduct? Misconduct? Misconduct? It seems like Trudeau doesn’t really care, clearly it was sexually harassment and not misconduct. Sir, do you know what misconduct means? The definition of misconduct means to not be acting in a professional manner. Fix up your vocabulary, Trudeau, this could have meant something else back in your time, this is 2014 stop being stuck in the past!

From seeing him in a club, removing his shirt makes me believe everyone was smoking Marijuana in there, which he wants to legalize. He believes the Boston Marathon Bombings were caused because someone was left out and the Canadian budget can balance itself. Good words Trudeau, very good words!

This is Bossjamesinternational, and I approve this message!

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