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I am a big fan of business cards. In a recent article, I explained how business cards will never go extinct. They’re just too precious. The common businessman/businesswoman could never go without their trusty cards. Obviously if you’re gonna hand out your business cards in order to promote your business, you’d want them to look professional. Design is everything. You definitely don’t want someone to look at your card and think of yourself as a clown. Speaking of clowns, do you happen to look like a clown? Even if you don’t appear to look like a clown, you can easily get made fun of. That leads me to why I wrote this article. You should’t put a picture of yourself on your business card.  I take this with my own experience. Back in the day, Bossjamesinternational and I used to prank call this one guy. Somehow Boss obtained his card and from then on we’d prank call him. They say when you’re young, you’re foolish. We were the exact definition of this. The sole reason as to why we would prank this guy was that he had a funny picture. A note to all businesspeople: don’t put your funny ass pictures on business cards, or else teenagers will prank you. Unless you’re a James Bond or David Beckham, I don’t recommend putting your pictures on a business card. You’ll probably get more prank calls than business related calls. 

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