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As a writer at zakopinion, the best part is: sharing your opinion with your viewers, the worst part: dealing with haters. So I used to screenshot parts of my post to tell my friends on social networking that I had released a new post. From time to time I would have some of my friends disagreeing with me about my views. Why would they disagree with me? Because they just looked at the title and not the post itself! From the other side of the screen, the hater would just automatically come up with things to disagree upon and/or to argue about. Come on man, you didn’t even read the post and you just pointlessly rant about it.

First of all, our slogan is: Controversy in a Fun Way, of course they have to receive controversy from the post. Also it has a high degree of opinion and biasness. Basically, you are reading from the author’s perspective. Second of all: is your mind screwed up or something? You just saw the title and you just argue like there is no tomorrow. You need to read the post itself, not stare at the title. Third of all, if your personality is stupid, you would just stare at the title and write hate comments, compared to a smart person who would read the whole thing and give his/her opinion at the end.

You can’t just assume random things from what the title tells you. For example, when I released my French Immersion post, my notifications were spammed with huge disagreements and points that were against my view. Some of my friends took French Immersion at one point in their lives, that I didn’t even know about, they argued with me. Some of them said: “Dude, I was in French Immersion and my English is perfect.” Well, how should I know that you were in French Immersion at one point. What did you do to make your English perfect, huh? What I said in part of my post could have even been experienced by one of your friends. Consider that! From part of that post it stated (from the 7th line to the end) an example of what could possibly happen if you sent your child to French Immersion, what to consider, and the future life of the child.

We were lucky not to get spammed on zakopinion, thank you social networking! I did not appeal to Zak for anything, I didn’t care at all if they were going to keep disagreeing with me. The best thing to do was just to ignore the comments. We left that aside and things just turned out good, though I had to talk to my friends the next day, I easily dealt with them and they were good with it. We will have people that will hate us in the course of our lifetime. We will just have to deal with them or else issues just get worse. If you would like to read the French Immersion post, there is be a link at the bottom of the post.

This is Bossjamesinternational, and dealing with haters is what we do!

French Immersion, English Corruption: http://zakopinion.com/2014/10/30/french-immersion-english-corruption/