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Unfortunately, the world has ended up with yet another aviation incident. AirAsia flight QZ8501 lost contact with air traffic control at 6:24AM local time. You think that Singapore and Indonesia are just screwed right now because of this incident. Believe it or not, AirAsia is headquartered in Malaysia, so Malaysia is also responsible for this mess.

I am just shocked about what is happening with aviation this year! MH370 disappeared without a trace, now sources claim that it will be impossible to find the plane. There is a link at the bottom of this article about my second post regarding MH370. Next is MH17, the plane shot down in Eastern Ukrainian airspace. Since there was a battle there, they say that the Russian separatists were responsible, but updated sources report that the Ukrainian government shot it down. QZ8501 was caught in bad weather, which reports say, caused it to crash into the Java Sea.

Right now I am not going to travel to Malaysia because of these aviation problems. This year has affected Malaysia’s reputation because of all these aviation incidents. Malaysia, you must start fixing up all the things you are doing wrong! If you don’t, no civilian will trust you and will never ride your planes ever again.

This is Bossjamesinternational, never fly with Malaysian companies!

Where the Heck is MH370: http://zakopinion.com/2014/07/05/where-the-heck-is-mh370/



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