The year of 2014 was a considerably not so great year for me. For zakopinion, it was fine, I was happy even though I joined in the second-half of 2014. I did run into haters, but I did everything I could just to back them off. I did have some posts that I really wanted to release, but they didn’t go through because it had no opinion and it was more of a report or it wasn’t good enough.

Looking back at my old posts, I focused on a lot of politics, world issues, zakopinion projects/announcement, sports and casual work. Also, it has hit me that I would cram all the information together and not make use of paragraphs. Another thing was that, overtime, my posting style changed with more controversy and opinion. I must agree that the more controversy there was, the more attention it attracted. From what I have learned from blogging here at zakopinion is that: at zakopinion, it is all about opinion and how you view the world, and always back up your opinion. Though there will be lots projects in 2015, I will do everything I can to finish with Zak on my side.

I am also going on vacation soon, so this will be my last post before I go. On a final note, I am changing my username from Bossjamesinternational to Bossjamesopinionated. This week you may have noticed that I was changing username a lot. Zak told me to use ‘opinionated’ because the old ones did not satisfy him.

This is Bossjamesopinionated, Happy New Year and good luck for 2015!