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By: Rolf Li

It comes to me as no surprise when the news about how Canadians are getting poorer and poorer. Our economy is slowing down, and the middle class is shrinking. Many families are on the brink of collapse and about to lose their biggest assets. Our “united” country is certainly divided, and not just on the sports teams we choose. IN a recent study, the average paycheque of the average Canadian had half the growth of a paycheque to the country’s top CEO’s. Keep in mind that most of the CEO’s are given incentives by the Canadian government, AND can apply for more lenient taxes. WHAT? How does the wage increase by over 11% in the last year (multiply that to the average 9.7 million per year) and what do you get? Money that should be going back into the economy and into the pockets of the lower class. When will everyone learn that we cannot simply undertax the really rich because they “deserve” more money. I am really upset with the government. They HAVE what it takes to increase the taxes on big corporations and individuals, but they refuse. What is this? Even if we increased our corporate taxes by 5%, we would still have a competitive edge over most countries in the WORLD.

Let us be honest with ourselves. If you come from a well of background, congratulations. Studies show that you have a better chance of winning the lottery than moving up a ring the social economic ladder. For those who have a little more money, let us think. Do we need another $2,000? I come from a rather rich family in Canada relatively. During the year (I will not give exact numbers), my family rakes in around $250,000 to $400,000. And then add another $2,500 in benefits and then add ANOTHER $1,500 from the tax split. Why do we need this? Be honest, what can you not buy that is reasonable? You want a house, save up some money for 3 years, and buy one. Want to go on a cruise? Call the company and relax. At this point, there is nothing that you cannot buy that is reasonable. This is why my family donates a reasonable sum every year to multiple charities. If the government will not help us Canadians, we must help each other. So what will you do? Support our economy by giving back. We need to force the government to help us, and we need to increase the taxes of the rich. And for those who say “this guy’s an idiot”. Well, let me tell you this. “What kind of sadist who has the opportunity to help others without losing anything doesn’t help out?” I’m not saying increase the taxes to 70%. I am saying that a little extra won’t hurt, and we will all feel better about helping out. Remember, everyone deserves the same chances, and NO ONE should go to bed hungry.



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