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It’s easy to say that the Liberals and Conservatives hate each other. They’re in a middle of a war that will only get harsher during the 2015 Federal Elections. Ontario is Canada’s largest populated province. Ontario is ran by Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals. Canada, on the other hand, is ran by Stephen Harper’s Conservatives. It’s quite easy to tell that these two would have shit to say about each other- and that’s 100% correct. For the about year or so, Canada Conservative leader Stephen Harper, has not held a meeting with Ontario’s Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne, that was the case until last Monday. Why hadn’t he held a meeting with Wynne for such a long time? The simple answer is because of oil. For a long time now Canada has boasted that it has a strong economy. Now, when you think we still have a strong economy, you’re probably referring to “we” as Ontario. Ontario’s economy is industry based. Canada’s economy isn’t industry based. Ninety-nine percent of Canada’s economy is based one thing. Only one thing. That one thing is oil. Alberta is where the oil comes from. Good ol’ Alberta. The rest of Canada envied you for the last 5 years or so. Now it’s time to look at Alberta a different way. Oil which the Harper government has solely based our economy on has dropped from $100 to $47 USD a barrel. And better yet, the Canadian government is selling it for $15 a barrel to the US. Stephen Harper’s plan failed. It truly did fail. At this point in time, Stephen Harper is pissing in his pants. Our economy isn’t doing well and the elections are coming up. His only way of saving the mess that he presumably started, would be to meet with the people that he hates. It’s time to build bridges because Stephen Harper will need all the help he can find. It’s time to start finding that help in Ontario. I believe Ontario (especially the southern part) is on its way to rejoin Canada. 

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