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We all know what happened in the Charlie Hebdo incident. I am not here to talk about what happened in the incident, but rather what happened after the incident.
Charlie Hebdo still chose to release their second article where it made fun of the prophet Muhammed. I think this was an extremely stupid decision. I am not siding with anyone here, I’m just stating what hasn’t been discussed. We all know that ISIS is ruthless, they don’t take other people’s life seriously. The only thing they take seriously is their religion. Al Qaeda and ISIS started on the same philosophy: sacrifice anything for the sake of God. You might want to know what religion that would be. It’s actually a very very old and forgotten form of Islam. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Muslims. Many Muslims have actually stood out against these groups to try to help them the realize the modern form of Muslim.

Charlie Hebdo should have known this better than anybody else because they suffered a tremendous loss just days before. In spite of this, they still pursue these “racist” comics? What are they thinking. I mean… I fully support freedom of speech. However, if I was to choose between freedom of speech and compromising my safety… The choice is obvious. I seriously hope that Charlie Hebdo doesn’t have another incident involving unintentional racism.

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