By: Rolf Li

A division of the Canadian Special Forces attacked an ISIS base in Iraqi territory despite the protest from the opposition and the general developed community. “In response to heavy machine gun fire”, special forces members returned light fire from snipers and mortars. So why is this happening now? Was there not a reason to not send in troops in the first place?

For the first time in 15 years, the USA has produced an amount of oil per day that coincides with the amount of oil that the USA consumes. This is extremely significant as most of Canada’s oil and energy is being exported south of the boarder. Other consumers such as Western Europe and South America have also produced more oil than ever and consume less-driving the price of oil below $45 a barrel. This has caused massive issues in Alberta and Newfoundland. Even at $55 a barrel, the profit margins are not excellent, and there needs to be a solution before the recession that will occur due to the government “putting all eggs in one basket”. Because of the lack of a strong support industry at the moment, the Harper government is taken by surprise and they are looking for a quick solution to cushion the ever falling economy. In fact, there has been speculation that the government is going to draw on reserves to post a surplus, and that the budget is about to collapse. Unless something is done soon, Canada will begin a journey, a bad one, to collapse.

By drawing developed countries into a war, mainly on terror, there is a rumour that the Canadian government is trying to force the price of oil back up. By creating a major war and drawing in many countries, the fuel consumption will increase dramatically. The price of oil will jump back up, and the surplus will be achieved and the dollar will recover. What do you think?



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