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Here at zakopinion we write controversial and opinionated articles about controversial topics and world issues. One thing I get from my friends after reading an article is, “Cite your sources.” Hearing these three words easily gets me in argument mode. First of all, this is a blog, not an essay website, no one cites their sources on blog because people won’t give a fuck. Second of all, we are here to spread our opinion, we want our opinion to dominate the facts we have found.

The reason why I wrote this article, is because I mentioned in a post that I would share my articles on social networking and people would complain that I was wrong about my opinion. It is called: zakopinion: Dealing with Haters, there is a link at the bottom of the article. This situation is close to the old experience, this is because of complaints and huge disagreement. A friend said: “This doesn’t seem real, don’t believe shit that you find on internet, cite your sources.” I told him to just watch a news cast so I could prove him wrong. I brought Zak into the action, the friend thinking that Zak was just a friend, until I revealed he was my advisor. Soon the argument became full-scale, we had to attack him as much as we could. We both ended up blocking the guy, so the zakopinion name would not be hurt much more.

I showed some of my friends zakopinion. I the same response, ‘cite your sources’, really, again? People don’t even cite sources anymore, unless you are in English class. Nowadays people go to news sites or read newspapers and that is where people get their information from. Unless you are an English teacher, you would want sources cited. We are not writing news articles nor essays, we write opinionated posts, that build on the controversy. We give our view of a topic than what the other group views (news companies) and society. People on their other blogs don’t even cite their sources because they heard or experienced it, and/or because they have the same reasoning as us. Citing sources, our asses, we have some new applicants for zakopinion at the moment. If I find sources cited on their trial posts, I will just freak out right on the spot. Sources don’t even matter, the controversy and your opinion just matter, nothing else because we just care about your view on things.

This is Bossjamesopinionated, and sources don’t exist on zakopinion!


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