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The Canadian economy isn’t doing so well. This means Canadian traders have to take desperate measures in order to avoid an extra cost of 20% when making U.S trades. Luckily, this stock has got you covered.  Headquartered at Bay Street is none other than Difference Capital Inc (TSE:DCF). Infamous Porsche-Driving Dragon’s Den star Michael Wekerle is CEO of DCF. Wekerle is a Bay Street veteran. He most notably helped Canadian Tech giant BlackBerry become public back in ’95. Now he’s leading a company that helps other small companies go public. Wekerle alongside some other investors are also trying to create a Canadian Silicon Valley in Waterloo. Let’s get to why you should buy Difference Capital Inc. (TSE:DCF).

Difference Capital funds and advises private companies in exchange for equity. The reason why DCF is a stock to buy is because they could be investing in the next big thing. If this happens, the stock would soar. DCF has currently invested in more than 20 companies including Guestlogix and Vision Critical Communications. Most investors are keeping away from Canadian market. One thing for sure is not to be keeping away from Difference Capital.

Last year, Wekerle bought some BlackBerry buildings that were up for sale. His plan is to turn them into Canada’s Silicon Valley. If lots of companies start moving in to his buildings, Difference Capital will soar. If so, it could be Canada’s equivalent of Goldman Sachs. Wekerle plans to raise $200 million for the area.

These are zakopinion’s reasons as to why you should invest in Difference Capital.


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