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Today, many people around the world are migrating to developed countries, to seek a new life. After living in that country for a certain amount of years, the immigrant(s) can apply for citizenship in that country. Once the government has accepted the immigrant(s), he/she has the rights every one of that country has, one of them (my favourite one) is voting.

As a Chinese-Canadian, many people could say racist things when it comes to who you believe would make a good MP and MPP in the region. I have heard racist things like: “You know those Chinese people, they are probably going to vote for the NDP. I don’t want the NDP to have leadership this area.” From hearing that, I am easily offended, the first Chinese groups were from Hong Kong and/or Macau because they were afraid of the handover to China from U.K and Portugal. Those Chinese people grew up around left-wing politics because Europe truly follows left-wing politics. When those Chinese people moved to Canada or other Commonwealth countries, they would become immigrants, then possibly become citizens of that country.

When voting time came along, they had no idea who to vote for, the Progressive Conservatives (1942-2003) or the Liberals. Since those people grew up around left-wing politics, they would vote for the Liberals. The Chinese who voted for the Progressive Conservatives were those who thought that Canada would be benefited from the Progressive Conservatives. If you think Chinese people vote for the NDP you may be thinking of the wrong group of Chinese people, you would be thinking of the Chinese from Mainland China. This is not entirely true because not all of the mainlanders like the communist government in China; those who prefer the communist government vote for the NDP. There are many types of Chinese people across China and should not be considered NDP lovers.

Hopefully, you have learned a thing or two about who, many Chinese immigrants vote for and what type of Chinese people they are. Things like this usually happens because of negative views of certain people due to the arrival of immigrants. Those immigrants from the motherland probably has some political issue, so those citizens of another country would have a negative view on immigrants.

This is Bossjamesopinionated, not all Chinese are NDP lovers!



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