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Our world is full of diseases. From to common cold to extreme cases such as Ebola, there are many types of sicknesses that can be contracted by the human body. Measles is one of earth’s many deadly diseases. Measles has been around for ages. USUALLY vaccination is given to infants in order to prevent them from getting this disease in the future. The reason why I stress the word “usually” is because in some parts of the world it isn’t mandatory to take the measles vaccination. Isn’t that stupid? The reason as to why I wrote this article is because of a measles outbreak that is occurring in a Chicago day care. It is reported that 5 children at the day care have tested positive for measles. Isn’t that stupid? Why don’t these people get vaccinations for their children? Are they insane? No personal beliefs should not allow people to get vaccinations. These have to be mandatory. A few people who don’t get the vaccination can screw society. Measles and other vaccinations should be mandatory!  

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