Currently in Alberta, the province is suffering due to low gas prices which has affected Canada’s economy. The 2015 Canadian Federal Election is approaching, and we could possibly see new changes to Alberta. Many Albertans are not happy that Stephen Harper has not solved their issue, which is affecting Canada’s economy. This has lead to many Albertans turning to Justin Trudeau for an answer…

My question for you Albertans is: Do you really want to elect the Liberals? Honestly, for those who thinking about making this decision, you are making a huge mistake! If you look at how left wing political parties (Liberal, NDP, Green) view oil, they want to put a carbon tax on oil, hydro, and groceries. Right now, it may seem that Harper is not doing anything to resolve the problem, but he will have to try hard before the elections come up. If you watched some Justin Trudeau attack ads by the Conservatives, Trudeau believes the budget will balance itself. How can a Budget balance itself? There must be something on the other side of the scale just to balance it out.

Albertans should know that Justin paid a visit to their province during August 2014. He was there to convince Albertans to vote for the Liberals because majority of Albertans support the Conservatives. The reason being, Harper and his Tories (Conservatives) are for oil production so the oil can benefit Canada’s economy. It is also because Harper lives in Calgary, Alberta, he get lots of support there. I have mentioned about Trudeau visiting Alberta in 2014, there is a link at the bottom of the page for the full article.

I have nothing much to say, Alberta, but it’s your vote that will determine what will happen with your oil. The Liberals are very environmental, so if you vote for them, there will be a low production of oil then and you may have to start paying higher taxes. Alberta has the lowest tax rates in all of Canada because of the oil sands that benefit the province the most. I don’t have much to say, but if Liberals start taking control of Alberta, more taxes will await you.

This is Bossjamesopinionated, Make sure you know who you want to vote for, Alberta

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