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In Canada, we had a long history of purchasing land from Great Britain. John A. Macdonald’s plan was to create a railway to connect Canada from coast-to-coast. Once the land was bought, boundaries were enforced and given a name. Overtime, boundaries were changing, and Canada was finally divided with 10 provinces and 3 territories. There are governments within each province, but territories have self-government. Each province has a Legislative Assembly and political parties. Each province has a Conservative, Liberal, NDP and Green party.

There is something about the Provincial Conservative party names that differs with the Federal Conservative party’s name. The difference is that the Provincial Conservative party names have the word, “Progressive”, in the name. This all happened because when the historical provincial conservative parties changed their name when the federal conservative party added ‘Progressive’ to its name. When the Federal PC party merged with the Canadian Alliance, they changed their name to the Conservative Party. The Conservative parties across Canada did not drop ‘Progressive” from their name. The Federal party, highly encourages the provincial to drop ‘Progressive’ from their names because they have good ties with each other.

Provincial PC parties, change your goddamn name! First of all, you guys just follow different types of Conservatism. Second, would it be smart just to drop ‘Progressive’ from your name because of various types of Conservative ideology being followed. Third, Since there are good ties between you and the Federal party, just get out of the past and show your province you love every type of Conservatism. Have you ever heard of something called loyalty, you follow orders from your master, which would create strong ties with each other. Right now, get out of the past and embrace the future, Provincial PC parties!

This is Bossjamesopinionated, and Provincial Conservative parties must drop the word, ‘Progressive’!

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