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By Boss & Zak

Boss: Recently, a Muslim woman was about to swear the Oath of Citizenship. The issue she swore to it without her niqab, which has sparked some controversy. In Stephen Harper’s case, he claims that when swearing to the Oath of Citizenship, nothing should be covering your face. The reason is because the person swearing to the Oath must be identified. To be very honest with you, I am on Stephen Harper’s side because the Canadian government must be able to identify you. This is a decision of Canada or religion, you either remove you niqab and become a citizen, or stay as an immigrant/permanent resident, it’s one of two choices, choose one or the other.

I understand Canada has Freedom of Religion, but when it come to the Oath of Citizenship, it’s a whole new story. Just remove your niqab and put it back on after you swear to the Oath, I know I am fighting against religion, but there is no choice. If you spent part of your life in Canada as an immigrant, went through the process of becoming a Canadian citizen, and refuse to swear to the Oath you could have stayed an immigrant all this time, not much to ask for.

Zak: Most immigrants leave their home countries in order to lead a different and much better life in a new country. A lot of niqab wearing women left their home countries in order to seek out a better life in a new country. I stand alongside with Prime Minister Stephen Harper on his stance about wearing the niqab while taking the Canadian Oath of Citizenship. For these people, Canada is a new country. Instead of forcing their ways onto the Canadian society, these people should embrace Canadian values. Please, feel free to leave Canada. Go back home where you don’t have to fight for your right to cover up your faces. This is OUR country. The laws are OURS. Why must you come to Canada if you feel insulted? I find it a bit stupid that these people refuse to take off their coverings while taking the Canadian Oath of Citizenship. You’re about to start a new life in a new country, and you refuse to move away from your past country’s traditions!? Now, before some of you call me Islamaphobic, I am a Muslim. Eat that. To further back my statements, Mecca, home of the Ka’aba, is the holiest place for Muslims. In the Ka’aba, women are not allowed to wear niqabs. So there you go, this whole niqab craze should be solved by Stephen Harper winning his appeal. We’re fighting for our Canadian values which will NEVER be taken away from us by newcomers to this country.

This is Zak and Boss, and We believe that you must follow the Canadian Laws and Culture!

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