By: Rolf Li

Following the death of a prominent opposition leader, Boris Nemtsov, there are some nasty questions that lie before us. Why was he killed just so coincidentally in front of the offices of the Kremlin? Why was it that an opposition leader to one of the world’s most powerful (or was) communist/socialist countries dead after he was rumoured to have been on the brink of finishing a report on the faults in the current government?

Boris Nemtsov was the one of the leading opposition leaders. Strongly opposed to the control and injustice in the current Russian government, he lead several marches and openly criticized President Vladimir Putin in his writings and on open media. Unfortunately, we will never know what the restless advocate for democracy was about to inspire the world with. In an interview with the CBC in 2012, Nemtsov was hailed as a hero for the western world and he was the spark that the USA was looking for to “stabilize” Russia. So what really happened to Boris Nemtsov? To remain fair, there are several real reasons that Nemtsov was killed, and all of them seem to have some truth in them.

1) Boris Nemtsov was killed directly by the Kremlin.

Despite the Kremlin denying that they had any part in the shooting, it is true that they had the biggest reason of all. As mentioned earlier, Nemtsov was about to publish a report about the inside of Russia, and there is no better way to silence an advocate than to secretly kill him and pin suspicion on others. Aside from the fact that Nemtsov was standing around 400 meters from the head office of the Kremlin, he was just “in the wrong place at the wrong time”.

2) Boris Nemtsov was killed by fellow opposition leaders.

To any Russian, or Russian descendants who do support President Putin, I am just saying the facts. The world must know what is actually going on and what the government is trying to hide. It is completely possible that the other opposition leaders killed him in an effort to unite the fading revolution. If it was, it was definitely a smart move. By killing Nemtsov in front of the Kremlin, the entire world will (hopefully) realize that the problem in Russia is getting worse and that the world will take some more action against the government.

3) Personal Issues

Although the first two are most likely the facts, we cannot eliminate the possibility of personal revenge upon Boris Nemtsov. He was a very prominent man, and it is very possible that there was something in his deep past that has come and killed him.

May he rest in peace, and may whoever killed him be punished and be reminded that democracy is the key to peace and security.

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