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Dion Phaneuf, his wife Elisha Cuthbert, and Joffrey Lupul were outraged to see a tweet broadcasted by TSN on Monday. While I have not seen this tweet, it is apparently hurtful, so hurtful that the trio has decided to take legal action. C’mon? TSN already apologized for airing the tweet. I think this is totally pathetic. Dion Phaneuf who earns 8 million USD a year, his wife who is worth $20 million, and Lupul who earns 5 million USD, are hurt by one tweet? Guys if you head on over to twitter, you’ll find thousands of tweets insulting you. You guys are worth so much, why care about this. Go buy yourselves a new car or some shit like that. They’ve even hired a lawyer to seek damages. SEEK DAMAGES? HOW MUCH CAN YOU SEEK. YOU GUYS ARE ALREADY ULTRA RICH. 
Now these are the true representatives of the spoiled population. 

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