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Everyone loves to show off their latest gadgets. I’m guilty of it too. I got this…I got that… it’s just really satisfying to display to your friends what you have over them. This is what the digital age has done to us, it makes us oblivious to the real world. We spend our money buying the latest technology. To make the facts clear, I am not opposed to this. However, I am starting to realize that showing off is perhaps not that much of a good idea.

What do we get out of showing off? The answer is jealously and desire from other people. Other peers will also want to have what they envy the most. This is a big problem for a few reasons. If the whole point of you showing off is to create a satisfactory kind of feeling by leaving your friend to envy and be jealous of what you own, then wouldn’t they want the thing even more? You can create of problem for yourself from people who envy too much what you have. This can result in some very crazy outcomes such as robbing or stealing. That is not fun at all.

Now that I’ve discussed one way showing off can cause trouble, let’s move on to the other one.
Ever since money was created, people desired money. This is true in the modern 21st century. With money, anything is possible. I have heard of many stories where a multi millionaire or a billionaire’s son has been kidnapped and held for ransom. Why? The answer is quite obvious. MONEY! Cause that’s the only thing that matters to some people.

Showing off may give you happiness, but in the end, it will always back-stab you. It will always come to haunt you.

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