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Today marks the 100th day of John Tory’s tenure in office. What has he done? Nothing at all. First, we look at the issue of support. John Tory is so focused with support that it is hideous. It’s crazy! In the first 100 days, he didn’t dare to even think or consider anything that may cause any major opposition within the council. Why? Because he is a wimp. He is afraid to express his ideas. He is afraid that he will not have the support of his councillors to approve of his plans. This is why he is trying to build up support within the council. This is very concerning because if you have good ideas, nobody will be opposed to the idea. If you have to gather up support, that means your idea is not good enough. Unlike Rob Ford, he is not a people’s mayor. He is a manipulator.

The second weird thing is that he acts like he has no central plan. He didn’t make any definite decision that is unique or different. He has done nothing special. Unlike Rob Ford, he is a man without opinion. Rob Ford had a clear message: subways, privatize garbage, lower taxes etc… Tory… Nothing at all.

Last but not least is John Tory’s recent proposed tax hikes. He will bring a tax hike that will, on average, cost every Torontonian, an additional $85 in municipal taxes every year on top of the previous taxes. By the way, he implemented this yesterday. This is insane. John Tory needs to catch a wake up call on the average income of Torontonians and the money they need to support their families. Now you may be asking… What’s all that money for. The answer to that is… SmartTrack. SmartTrack will never work. It will take John Tory at least 2 or 3 terms in office to complete it. With the taxes that have already been implemented by John Tory and the future hikes, John Tory’s public support will cripple.

John Tory, you have done nothing but screw up and corrupt the government and the public system. Remember, all that I’ve said is about what he’s done in the first 100 days. Let the torture begin.

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