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It has been more than a year since the political and military crisis has happened in Ukraine. Most of us can say that it was President Viktor Yanukovych’s fault because he refused to sign an agreement with the European Union and chose to strengthen ties with Russia. This angered thousands to millions of Ukrainians, resulting in protests and Viktor Yanukovych fleeing the country.

Due to the revolution in Ukraine, it led to the Crimean Peninsula to be annexed by Russia. In the Oblasts (provinces) Eastern Ukraine: Luhansk and Donetsk decided to separate from Ukraine, with the help of Russian forces. President Vladimir Putin has constantly denied of any of his men in the Eastern Ukrainian Oblasts. There is no point in denying it, we already know and can tell, give it up already!

Why would the Eastern Ukrainian Oblasts want to separate, you ask? It is because there is a Russian majority in that area and they feel that they should join the Russian Federation. This is crazy, battles are occurring in the Eastern part of the country, an autonomous region being annexed and a huge problem just to solve due to its past leader.

The world has many issues already, wars, political corruption, and separatism. Most of us can say that 2013 and 2014 were bad years, and now most of us see that the year of 2015 is going to bring those problems close to an end, or possibly to a complete end. Nowadays, politics has gotten rough, places in Eastern Europe, parts of Asia and Africa have far-left political beliefs. Far-right politics have been dissolved because of World War II, leaving far-left, left, center, and right, existing today. If we were to rid the world of communism, it would be a World War III, because countries with the largest militaries have gotten their hands of nuclear elements. If the world got rid of far-left policies, it would be more peaceful, think about it.

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