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It is almost that time of the year again when Apple releases an invention or innovation. In three weeks, a new MacBook and the Apple Watch will be released. The Apple Watch I would say will not be worth it, I mean the Samsung Gear looks ore worth it because there seems to be more advanced functions, than what Apple has to offer. All I need to do with a simple watch is to give me the time. I can just use my iPod Nano 6, clip it on to a iPod watch accessory and enjoy myself. I know that the Watch has more applications than the iPod Nano, but do people need something on their wrist to do much for them.

Right now look at the Apple Watch, it has most of the applications from the iPhone. this just wastes money because we can do so much on the phone, than we can with the Watch. There are three available models: regular, Sport and Edition. Looking at the three different models, the price for each one of them are quite high. The least expensive model is the Sport model, because of how it looks and the material of the wrist band. The most expensive one is the Edition model because of the Golden case and the Sapphire Crystal. Apple states that there will be a limited supply of the Edition version because of its material, it makes sense because it is expensive to make. This will cause many to pre-order the Edition. There is a link at the end of this post call: Apple, The New Samsung, you can take a look at it.

I ask those who want to buy the Edition model. Do you really want to waste your money on a watch that just looks nice because of the design? Imitations from China are already out and cost 1/10 of the Apple Watch Price. Does Apple really need to make a smart watch? I mean the Watch itself costs more than an iPhone 6. Are you kidding me, a little square device with a strap costs more than a phone from the same company, this is preposterous. This just makes me want to buy the phone instead of a small device that I can strap on my wrist. Apple can’t get anymore pricier, you know, next thing you hear about Apple is that they will make something like the Google Glass, and they will offer a prescription version for those with bad eyesight.

This is Bossjamesopinionated, the Apple Watch is worth definitely not worth buying!

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