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You know one of those times when your earbud wires are all entangled and you don’t have the time or just doesn’t want to untangle it? Trust me, I’ve been there. There are a couple of ways to fix this annoying problem.

1. Buy a pair of earbuds with anti-tangle wires.
High end earbuds such as the Bose QC20 and the Beats Tour 2.0 offer anti-tangle wires. This solves the problem because the wires have extra support or are very wide and fixed so it doesn’t get messed up in your pocket. Now this is going to be quite an investment for an earbud. Your looking at $100 to $400 for a good pair. However, on top of that, most earbuds in that price offer amazing sound (good tremble and plumped bass). Also the Bose QC20 offers noise cancelling that block all external noises. The QC20 is a very good earbud. It is the top of the line earbud. Although it costs $329.95, the amazing bass, tremble and the splendid noise cancelling is well worth the price, not to mention that the wires never tangle.

2. Clips
If your budget doesn’t allow for $100 to $400 dollars, you might want to consider buying some cheap plastic clips. You’d want to buy a small clip. After each time of listening to music. Nicely wrap your earbud wires around and clip it. This way, there is no way for the wires to entangle since the clip is supporting the wires. This should cost only $5.

There are more ways to solve this annoying problem. However, the two listed above are the most effective. This should save you a ton of time untangling your earbuds.



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