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Hello zakopinion followers this is zakopinion’s first Politician Match-Up of the Week. We appreciate the support that you viewers are giving us, without you, this wouldn’t have been possible. For this week, we have, John Tory and Justin Trudeau!

Tory: John Tory has increased taxes and TTC costs. He is not the person who is for the people, just for himself. He is the former leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party. Previous occupation: Lawyer, businessman.

Opinion: He acted very ‘Conservative’ for his plan for Toronto, but when he became the Mayor of Toronto, he revealed to us that he favoured Liberal policies than Conservative policies. I believe he joined the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party because he wants to say that he is a real Conservative as his last name tells us. The Conservatives are nicknamed the ‘Tories’ because Conservatives are loyal to U.K. His TTC plan looks cool, but it turns out that it will waste Torontonian tax dollars because of a high budget.

Trudeau: Wants a carbon tax for Canada, which will increase the price of oil and natural gas. Former drama teacher, camp counsellor, and rafting instructor. Acts with poor judgment and cannot run a party.

Opinion: People like Justin Trudeau because of his last name. His father was Prime Minister and served for two terms, 1968-1979 and 1980-1984. Justin has risky economic theories that will make Canadians suffer because of poor use of tax money. He lacks the experience of leadership. He never studied law. He has such a horrible attendance record at Parliament and if he becomes Prime Minister, he will be late for every meeting with international leaders. He is careless of what comes out of his mouth, Justin himself, swore multiple times. Do we really want a man who could possibly represent our country, portray a negative identity and attitude of a Canadian, who has no manners, doesn’t care and doesn’t see the consequences?

Looking forward: Because John Tory is the mayor of Toronto, he has not been satisfying anyone in Toronto because he has such a horrible plan. He revealed to us that he is a true leftist and if we look at Toronto, it shows us what Canada will be like if Trudeau became Prime Minister.  John Tory, has reversed what Rob Ford has done and turned everything into a Liberal nightmare. When Rob Ford was mayor, he showed us what Canada would be like under a Conservative government. So in other words, if Trudeau becomes prime minister, he will reserve what Stephen Harper has done and make Canada suffer.

This is the Politician Match-Up of the Week, and we will focus on two very-Conservative politicians next week!


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