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Greetings dear viewer, and welcome to my first post on zakopinion. My current topic is, should marijuana be legalized? In some parts of Canada, medicinal marijuana has been used by doctors on patients to calm them down, but crazy popularity has been dragged to recreational use from Justin Trudeau, current host of the federal Liberal party, who wanted to smoke a fatty Snoop Dogg style. This has brought him a lot of hate for the idea, but today, I’ll be sharing the pros and cons of Justin Trudeau’s urge to get some pot.

First, the good news. Recreational marijuana can ease pain and stress of someone extremely tense. Also, people would be safe from witnessing a drug deal (as people could kill you for witnessing such an event) as it’s now legal (hypothetically of course. There’s no saying on what means of acquiring it are legal and illegal). Finally, at the beginning of the legalization period, there would be a big boom in the industry, but then it would die down. This could provide jobs growing marijuana, but it would be expensive,

Now, time to tackle all the points I shared earlier and more. If you are so stressed that the only means necessary of calming down is pot, then you could probably acquire it medicinally. Also, there would probably be a lot of security measures for acquiring weed legally, so drug deals would still be illegal. Making weed legal is a bad idea. Simply put, a lot of people couldn’t stand the temptation, and would smoke all the time. This would cause more car crashes, as many are irresponsible with alcohol, what makes up you think they wouldn’t drive high? Another reason is that pot is a gateway drug. People would probably want to get a high in more ways. It would cause a major need on other drugs. Also, a substance that can alter your mindset for a period of time probably isn’t a good idea. Imagine if in the middle of your dentistry appointment, Dr. Lo over here takes a puff or two? He certainly wouldn’t just be drilling holes in your teeth.

This concludes my very first post and I’ve hoped you’ve enjoyed. Let’s just hope Justin Trudeau doesn’t get influenced by Florida and starts driving a ‘pot bus.’ Take care.

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