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I was shocked to hear that Future Shop closed its doors on the weekend. I was a great customer of Future Shop’s and even bought the device I am writing this article on from Future Shop. Some of the stores will be converted into Best Buys. I was curious to see if the location near my home was converting to a Best Buy so I went and checked it out. To my dismay, the location will not be converted into a Best Buy.

I am quite saddened and upset over this announcement. For one, Canadian retail has taken a huge hit. Target shut its doors on Canada, and Future Shop (Best Buy) has done the same. In my town, we had a huge Target and a huge Future Shop. Not only would I go to these stores, I was also impressed by them. Now that these two have left, it bothers me. Canadian retail has taken a big hit.

The predominant reason as to why Future Shop shut down is because of “showrooming” meaning that people would visit the store, get the feel of a device, and then buy it for a cheaper price off a site like Amazon. The act of “showrooming” is stupid in my mind. I was speaking to a cousin of mine earlier today about this. Him and I both agreed that, we would rather spend a little bit more to buy a device from Future Shop, so that we could support the local economy and the people who are working at Future Shop and who are just trying to make a living.

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