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We know for sure that the copilot on the Germanwings flight crashed the plane on purpose. We can see this through many factors. First and most importantly, the copilot was alone in the cockpit. Also, he purposely locked the doors so the captain get in. In fact, the passengers and the pilot and passengers were heard screaming “Open the damn door!” However, there was no response from the copilot. We also know that there were no problems with anything related to the aircraft itself. No engine failures, no hydraulic fluid leaks, nothing at all. Indeed, the copilot was the one who wanted this to happen. The copilot was depressed for a long time. Also recently, his girlfriend apparently dumped him, so his emotional and psychological stress was quite significant. To prevent this from ever happening ever again, the airline industry has to take some drastic measures.

Yes, I have heard that many airlines are forcing both pilots to be in the cockpit for the entire duration of the flight. However, there are two major problems with this management and the pilots themselves.

First is management. There is a major flaw with this plan. This is because you can’t manage whether if both pilots are in the cockpit. The pilots are going to have to be honest. But honestly, which pilot is stupid enough to purposely say “Yes, I was alone in the cockpit,” and risk themselves getting fired? This is totally illogical and flawed.
Second is the pilots themselves. If a pilot is set on destroying the aircraft, there is no way to stop them. Even if there is another pilot in the cockpit, it won’t help. The other pilot could easily knock the other pilot out and nobody would notice.
There is a better solution and that is doing psychology tests.

The pilots should all be forced to do psychology test to assume the risk in which they present to the operation of the aircraft. People who are possibly radicalized, have a history of significant illnesses or is depressed should not be able to fly the plane. To conduct all these screenings for pilots will cost a bit for an international airline but consider this a passenger jet WITHOUT any seats or fixtures in it costs around $300 000 000. How is it worth it?

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