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As you may know, consumerism has spawned off some great inventions. The flip phone, the cell phone, more TVs, all sorts of items. But, there is one company who uses consumerism to slack off, to cut corners, to lessen the quality. This company goes by the name of Apple.

Apple’s latest phone, the iPhone 6, was less than revolutionary. It was as tall as an Alcatel OneTouch Idol Mini, but a bit wider. Already, it shows off its height, but it competes with a mini version of a phone, a mini! Is Apple so cheap that that’s all there willing to do for a new model? Also, the iPhone 6 was bendy. This, my kind viewers, was NOT a marketing ploy. It was NOT a new feature. The property of the phone was because Apple rushed it out. This was an accident. An expensive accident. The phone was at the peak of the hype, so Apple rushed it to meet maximum profits. And our consumerist sheep of Apple worshippers bought it. That’s right, this abomination of technology was successful. That means we gave Apple the clear on making big cuts on effort and quality. Who knows what Apple might produce next. The iPhone 7 might not even support iTunes or maybe will shrink in size and the amount of pixels it allows. #BigMoneyLittleEffort

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