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I have a thing for NDP leader Thomas Mulcair. I think it started back during the days of the senate scandal. He did a very good job at what he is appointed to be: the leader of Canada’s official opposition. Before those days of the senate scandal, I really didn’t take Mulcair seriously. Former NDP leader the late Jack Layton had just won the federal elections when he announced that he’d be stepping down because of cancer. Jack had just achieved a feat that he had been working a very long time for. His NDP was finally recognized as the official opposition. Jack never got to live through what he had achieved. However, he was confident that Thomas Mulcair could carry on and named him his successor. I alongside the rest of Canada reacted very oddly. Although Mr. Mulcair isn’t a fool, we thought that he would not carry on Jack Layton’s legacy. We didn’t necessarily doubt him, however we underestimated him. Well, I alongside the rest of Canada were wrong about what we thought.

Duffy, Wright, and a 90 thousand dollar cheque. Those words should ring a bell. They were undoubtedly the most used words in Canadian politics during the latter half of 2013, especially during May of 2013. The conservative party was a mess. Their senators were stealing money and all that stuff. To make matters worse for Prime Minister Harper came Thomas Mulcair. The knight wearing shining (orange) armor. As leader of Canada’s official opposition, Thomas found a great way to grill Harper at last. The senate scandal was a game changing time for Canadian politics. Each and every day Thomas Mulcair would lead an uprising against Stephen Harper. He did an amazing job and I think that’s what led me to like him.

After the senate scandal Mulcair kept on continually grilling the Prime Minister about anything and everything. He has made his mark on Parliament Hill. More recently, the two have gotten into constant spats about Canada’s mission in Iraq. A few days ago, Mulcair indirectly called Stephen Harper and idiot when discussing Canada’s extended mission in Iraq.
This is just a sample of what’s going to come down during the elections. It’s gonna be tense. OH! I even forgot to mention that Mike Duffy’s trial starts tomorrow.

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