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Stephen Harper, Rob Ford,

Hello zakopinioners, this is the second Politician Match Up post. Today, we have the most Conservative leaders of Canada, as they are the most right-wing politicians I know of. Presenting, Rob Ford and Stephen Harper! Lets get to it!

Rob Ford: As the former mayor of Toronto, I would say Rob Ford has satisfied many Torontonians with his plan for the city. Though, through out his final two years as mayor, he had gotten into drug scandals, causing citizens to dislike him. Despite the drug scandals, he saved nearly one billion tax dollars for Torontonians, but citizens disliked his personal life. He went into rehab for a matter of time, he was out-of-town and no one got sight of him, when he returned, he said he was fine and was cured from his addiction.

When the elections came around, this started to get tough on him, the former leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative party, John Tory stepped in and offered Torontonians a better vision of Toronto, and the former NDP MP, Olivia Chow of Trinity—Spadina, resigned to run for mayor. During the mayoral race, it was Ford, Tory, and Chow left in the race. While the three were racing to the finish, Ford was diagnosed with cancer, and his brother, Doug Ford stepped in for him. Rob decided to run for City Councillor for Etobicoke (Toronto City Councillor for Etobicoke North (Ward 2)). John Tory, ended up winning the election, while Rob Ford became city councillor in Etobicoke. After that, Tory and Ford became rivals because Tory’s plans for Toronto were not good for the city (in Ford’s eyes).

Opinion: Ford would have been able to win the election in late November if he hadn’t gotten himself into drug scandals. When his Doug came in for him when he was diagnosed with cancer, Ford Nation lost some supporters because they didn’t know what Doug Ford was like. Once the results were in, many were happy that Tory won the election, as Doug was the runner-up and Chow was third. I believe John Tory won the election be of his last name, a nickname for the Conservatives because he acted like a real Conservative until he revealed that he was a leftist.

Stephen Harper: Since there are a few months until the election, let’s look back to what Harper has done for Canada since he became prime minister. Harper says that he will not let Canada be a target for ISIL and his willing to defend Canadians at all costs. He has introduced the Victim’s Bill of Rights; putting victims ahead of criminals. He has created 900,000 jobs since the economic recession in mid-2009. Because he created that many jobs, it was marked in the G7 that Canada had the strongest job creation record. He has lowered the Goods and Services Tax (GST) from 7% to 5%, this is because Conservatives favour lower taxes and are for their citizens than themselves.

Opinion: I feel that Harper needs another term as prime minister because he should not be losing to the son of a former prime minister. Harper has a Master’s Degree in economics, while Trudeau himself is a summer camp instructor and a drama teacher. Though Canada’s economy is not doing well because of oil and our debt is high, Canada is strong and we can rely on Harper to balance the budget, while Trudeau thinks budgets balance themselves. Even though Harper started out as a Liberal, he has gradually became politically right as he joined other Conservative parties, such as Progressive Conservative, Reform, Canadian Alliance, and finally the Conservative party.

Looking forward: I feel that many people are leftists as of today. People don’t like Conservatism anymore and believe reform from Liberalism would satisfy them. Leftists have risky beliefs that won’t satisfy anyone, but the government. I hope the Torontonians will think better about their decision in 2018 when the next mayoral election comes out. I can tell that many people don’t like John Tory because of his plan for Toronto. I hope that Rob or Doug Ford will be able to become candidates of the next mayoral election, Hail Ford Nation!

I think Stephen Harper has to step up his game a bit. He can not lose to some with no experience and horrible leadership. If the Liberals win this election, who knows what will happen? The polls have been changing and most of what Harper has been saying is satisfying his supporters. Elections are coming up and he must make Trudeau look like a fool so he can continue with his plan for the country.

This is Politician Match-Up of the Week, next week we will have two leaders that are far-leftists!



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