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When we were children, we had no idea what this world was like until high school. As we grew older, we would learn more from, both home and school. From school, we learned everything to prepare for the business world. From home, we learnt from our parents and/or grandparents and got a small taste of what the real world was like. One thing our parents never really taught us well was which political party to vote for.

When we were young, we never were into politics, only very few people were into politics. The only course in high school that ever taught us about politics was Civics. After taking Civics, very little people went into political classes in later grades. Sometimes during voting time we would be completely unsure who to vote for because we cared less, only our parents voted. We sometimes didn’t really think about who to vote for because our parents taught us too little about politics. Eventually, time passed and we were in the business world, and because the Conservative political beliefs didn’t satisfy us, we became leftists. As we got more experience in the workplace, we eventually thought that Conservative beliefs were good and beneficial so we converted to supporting the Tories.

I can see that there will be odds against Harper winning this election because of young voters. Times have changed and young voters think that Conservatives have horrible ways of money spending. What does ‘conservatism’ mean to us and other Conservative supporters. It means to keep and preserve our beliefs and way of life, in political terms. I think that the older generation should really teach the younger generation when it comes to political beliefs and voting. I say this because the younger generation just doesn’t know what they do sometimes and maybe the person they vote for, will screw up the country.

This is Bossjamesopinionated, and the younger generation should know who to vote for!



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