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They say with everything good, comes some bad (or weird I should say). I’m sure we all know of McDonald’s. If some of you don’t know of McDonald’s, then you’re probably living in a remote and barren part of the world. Summer is rapidly approaching and I’m sure we (well most of us) eat ice cream.
Imagine McDonald’s and ice cream put together. Well lucky enough, you won’t have to be doing any imagining. The McDonald’s people have already combined those 2 which form the McFlurry. This cold treat is the ideal snack on a warm summer day.
I’m sorry to interrupt the good thoughts. We’re now moving onto the weird part of the McFlurry. Now after you pay the cashier for this McFlurry, she will whip it up for you fresh from the machine. As you get the McFlurry you see the spoon.
The spoon.
The spoon?
You get this weird-ass spoon with your McFlurry. It looks like something from mars. It has this thick handle and is made out of some shitty industrial plastic. The spoon also has a hole going from the bottom to the top. Now you would think that this hole is kinda like a straw. Well, it isn’t. It’s actually so hard to use this spoon as a straw it’s not even funny. The spoon is also a nuisance. It weighs so much. Imagine! Using your energy to have enjoyment. Weird eh?
McDonald’s! Change your McFlurry spoon! It’s too weird for the average consumer. Make the McFlurry eating process less weird and more enjoyable!
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