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A while back in the year, there was a girl with cancer. She had many chemotherapy treatments to help get her cured. When she was resting, she claimed to have seen Jesus come up to her say that only faith will cure her. After that, she rejected the chemo and unfortunately, died of cancer. Her parents actually supported her rejection, and when she died, they said the chemo killed her. First of all, chemo has never been known to kill someone. In fact, chemo has around an average of 50% survival rates (averaged) for all cancers. She had a decent survival chance if she kept going. But when she brought up Jesus, her parents did their best preventing anymore chemo. First off, if ‘faith’ was the only means of helping her, why did Jesus show up when there was already too much chemo treatment? That doesn’t make any sense. This brings me to my discussion today. Should religion be in charge of healthcare. Short answer, no. Long answer, the rest of this post.

To start with, the majority of religions cancel out a lot of medicines. This is already a red flag, as it means those who fall under a religion that blocks out a medicine for a disease the person had, they’re screwed. Religion is dandy and all, but when it requires you to be so hardcore about it that you endanger your life, it’s not good. You may say it’s just the person’s belief, and I shouldn’t force materials that his religion rejects, but that will result in almost-certain death. So yeah, if religion took charge of healthcare, it wouldn’t be too good on the patient. End of story.

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