By: Rolf Li

Conservative Finance Minister Joe Oliver released the Conservative budget today, and for the first time since 1997, it is a surplus, but barely. First promised in 2011, the budget released today did meet those promises, while having all the tax cuts and new benefits for those who deserve it.

I support the Conservative party in general. We need strong and secure leadership through these tough economic times, and with the elections approaching, the timing of this budget could not be more welcome. In the budget year, the government tallied around $1.4 billion dollars in savings, and increased the international reserve by over 0.5%. Despite all of this good news, the Liberals and the NDP are both attacking the budget. I don’t see how this is a issue to be angry at. As a Canadian, I am proud to be in a country where the government can finally cut spending, and make everyone else a little bit richer. We made approximately $291 billion and spent $289 billion, which means that we can have even more money in our pockets.

I understand that the budget is running on a thin line, and that we could fall into a deficit in a blink on an eye, but this is progress. There is hope in the future that even though times are bad, our level-headed leader can make ends meet. With increasing our TFSAs and making sure that families get a bit more support, the Conservative party has made Canada a better place. I know that this is not my usual piece, but a balanced budget deserves some recognition.

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