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In this world there are many issues and racism has been on the rise. As of today I hearing news about the Israel—Palestine Conflict and the rise of Anti-Semitism in Europe. A notable time of a high degree of Anti-Semitism was the Holocaust, this was when Nazi Germany had presence in many states such as Poland, Czechoslovakia and Transylvania. The Germans sent the Jews to concentration camps and eventually wiped out 2/3 of the Jewish population. The Jewish population was around 9 million in 1939 and 3 million after World War II.

Israel was created by the United Kingdom and partitioned the British Mandate of Palestine, modern-day Israel and Palestine. Holocaust survivors and Jewish populations in Europe and the Middle East moved to Israel because it was created for the Jews. Later, Israel got into conflicts with neighboring countries because of religious and cultural differences. As of today, Israel is at war with Palestine because of these religious and cultural differences. Not many countries stand with Israel as of today, but there is one country, that is a true friend of Israel, that country is Canada.

Canada is Israel’s best friend, the Conservative party states, “True friendship is measured by whether they are there for you, when you need the most. Weather that support is steadfast, even when it’s not popular or expedient.” I think that as Canada is Israel’s true friend, it is like all over the world, no one really supports Israel. Looking at Anti-Semitism, it is pretty stupid because throughout history, Jews have been persecuted in Europe.

In the West, we find any kind of discrimination is wrong and we could try to do everything to stop it. The European culture is known to be formal because the culture is influence by the leftist government. Eventually, the situation of Anti-Semitism will get worse and many Jews across Europe and Asia will possibly have to flee to Israel to avoid persecution, but the country itself will be widely criticized. I hope Israel will get through the problem and hopefully in the future Anti-Semitism will be eliminated.

This is Bossjamesopinionated, and We Shall Stand with Israel!

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