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Today on zakopinion, we have great men who are far-leftists, but are men who have done well throughout the years. Through tough times, they would stand strong and not be brought down and later pick themselves back up and continue their journey. Today, presenting, Jack Layton and Thomas Mulcair, let’s take the show on the road!

Layton: Jack Layton was the former leader of the NDP from 2003 to 2011. Layton always wanted to get the job done, which was why many people liked him. Jack was fighting for job creation, affordability, health care wait times and fighting global warming. Over the years as leader of the party, MP seats grew from 13 to 103. Jack’s pride has made many Canadians change their view of the party and that the NDP would be a new alternative to Canada. Jack never saw the years to come for his party as he passed away on August 22, 2011

Opinion: Jack Layton was a very successful leader of the NDP, as of today his dream continues on. Without him the NDP wouldn’t have reached their milestone in years. The NDP successful became the Official Opposition in the House of Commons, with Jack leading the way. Even though he has passed on, his legacy remains today in the hearts of his supporters and the MP of the NDP.

Mulcair: After Jack Layton passed away, he succeeded Jack as the leader of the NDP, his riding is Outremont in Montreal. Tom says that he was Jack’s right-hand man. He was a former Quebec Liberal MP for the provincial riding Chomedey in the National Assembly in Quebec. He has a degree in law, taught law, and was a lawyer.

Opinion: There is a question that has been floating around my head about Mulcair for a while. Does Tom have the pride like Jack had as a leader? This was one of the question the NDP supporters had when Mulcair became the leader of the NDP. I would say that Tom has good leadership because he was by Layton side. Because he was on Layton’s side for the most part, he was most likely elected to be the leader of the party. He also said that when Jack passed away, it hit him exceptionally hard, this is showing what a good right-hand man he was.

Looking forward: Jack was a great man, he showed pride into leading his party well and left the world with a legacy in the New Democratic Party, no one would forget. Tom should really have the pride like Jack did and continue to help the party thrive like this for years to come. There is a link at the bottom of this post called I’m Starting to Like Thomas Mulcair by Zak. I truly agree with him as Tom knows what he is doing. In the future, there will be possibly a day that the NDP will rise to power, until that day comes, the NDP will probably stay as the Official Opposition.

This is Politician Match Up of the Week, next we will have two politicians hand-picked by Zak!


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