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By: Rolf Li

The death of Freddie Gray was yet another example of the racism that is widespread throughout the USA, and yet again, the people of Baltimore and many other cities have had enough. It is hard to uncover the motives of the police for the “accidental
” killing, and it is also hard to understand why after all of these years, not all Americans are treated equally. Based on this, it is understandable why the people have had enough, and it is also understandable why there needs to be change, so why take out your anger against people that you are supporting?

Freddie Gray was unfortunately killed on April 12th, 2015 while in police custody. According to reports by the media, he “sustained a head injury” while “riding inside of a police van”. This sparked anger in the people of Baltimore, who like the people of Ferguson, have been mistreated by their respective police forces. Peaceful protests were staged around Baltimore, but along that stage, as it always does, someone or a group of people sparked violence that can’t be controlled. Rioters set fire to vehicles, stores, as well as public buildings and looted several bars, shops, and privately owned businesses. Honestly, I don’t see the point of attacking the people in your community. Protesters were attacking “black-owned bars” and “black-owned businesses”, and nothing shows your support for an African-American man who was killed by police than looting an African-American store right? Why are angry mobs destroying the property of those who actually support the cause for equal rights and are actually helping the cause? Does anyone think that burning a shop to the ground demonstrates that everyone can control themselves? I personally, do support equal rights for everyone, but if I take a step back, I can see that those who are looting and vandalizing the city are halting the movement, and staining it with their disrespectful and disorderly behaviour. Costing those who support you, and making those who sympathize reconsider their goodwill is not a good way to go about doing things. It makes no sense to protest the way that the rioters in Baltimore are rioting. It seems to most people that these “Protesters” are nothing more than criminals who are just using the unfortunate death of Freddie Gray to cover up their tracks and to steal freely. This is not to attack the legitimate protesters who are demonstrating respectfully, and are using words to battle inequality. That is the way to gain support, while rioting breaks it down.

Police standing ground after protests rock Baltimore.

Police standing ground after protests rock Baltimore.



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