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It all comes down today. Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather will be fighting tonight at the MGM in Las Vegas (why does everything have to be in Las Vegas????).

Well this fight is supposed to be the fight of the century, and that’s the exact reason why I paid $100.00 to my service provider to watch it. Let me get the record straight, I know nothing about boxing and the only match I’ve ever watched was probably out of Rocky. Maybe I watched the Thrilla In Manila in another lifetime, and I can guarantee you that I stayed up for all 13 rounds. But this is onna those things that no matter who you are be it a nerd who sits in his basement all day or if you’re the Queen herself (shout to her new great-granddaughter) you have to watch.

This fight is also stressful too. I mean how are you supposed to cope with all the spelling errors when writing Facebook updates and sending text messages? Like how the hell to do you spell Pacquiao? Piqao? Picqiao?

I’m just gonna call him Pac-Man for now. My bets are on him to win. And if he doesn’t, I’m only gonna be loosing $10.


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