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I hope not.

But ThreeHundredEight’s latest projections are worrying to say the least (or disheartening if you’re a red Tory or Liberal, or exciting if you’re an NDP supporter I suppose)


Ekos’ most recent data tells about the same story


Apparently, Deputy Ministers in Alberta were briefed over the weekend about both Rachel Notley and Brian Jean in preparation for a potential change in government.

So does Alberta stay PC? It’s not a great choice, but I’m certainly one for sticking with the (higher taxing, high spending, wasteful) devil you know. This in spite of my preference for Wildrose economic policies and greater social and individual freedom.

Or does Alberta go coalition? That’s almost certain to result in higher spending (and higher taxes), which is precisely what Alberta doesn’t need with oil prices down and a recession or at least economic slowdown taking hold (along with the associated layoffs/job losses).

Or does Alberta actually go NDP? That means of course we end up electing a government that thinks Alberta’s highest-among-the-provinces government spending isn’t high enough, and will tax to fund further excess/waste/profligacy. That will certainly be economically harmful. The one upside of course being that it may straighten out those who thought NDP government was a good idea.

I’d write more, but I’m busy building a buried shelter just in case…


Here’s another analysis, this time from Insights West.

One is left to wonder whether there will be more politicians or pollsters out of work come Wednesday…