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What is this world becoming eh? This morning as I was checking my emails I read that 2 gunmen shot a guard and were later killed at an event “Why, this is quite usual,” I thought. Then the whole situation changed. As I continued reading I learned that this was no ordinary event. It was a cartoon drawing competition. Who were the people drawing? None other than Prophet Muhammad.

As a Muslim, I too believe it is absurd that some men would actually attempt to kill just because of a satirical drawing competition. However what I do believe is also absurd is that people would hold such a competition. Why are you insulting Islam as a whole just because of a few bad crops?  Don’t provoke, don’t stoke the fire. There are hundreds of millions of moderate Muslims that are marginalized in everyday society whether is be walking down the street or sitting inside of a café. When is a last time that an ever so “inclusive” Western society had a drawing competition of Jesus Christ (funny enough Jesus was also a Muslim Prophet.)? In the United States’ national anthem the Star Spangled Banner (which is ironically about war) it states that “In God is our trust.” Ok so let’s get these facts straight. Prophet Muhammad was a messenger of Allah which means God in Arabic. These people were holding a contest for cartoon drawings of the Prophet. Jesus Christ was also a prophet. So who were these people making fun of? If they were Christian wouldn’t they be insulting themselves? Muhammad is like Christ. A messenger of God. Christ was also a Muslim Prophet (Isa). Allah means God.
Wow, quite confusing eh?


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