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Today marks the day when Europe was liberated from the Nazis. Since I’m Canadian, my focus in this article will be on Canada’s relationship with the Netherlands and how they honoured our Canadian veterans today.

There was a huge parade in the city of Apeldoorn where many Canadians who died in the last weeks of WWII are buried. Canadian veterans who were parading down the streets were greeted by Dutch citizens who held Canadian flags and throwing flowers at the Veterans thanking them for the freedom they experience today. Even little kids were giving high fives to the Canadian veterans. Seeing this gave me goosebumps and nearly brought tears to my eyes. Veterans being interviewed were amazed by the reception they were getting. Seeing the smiles on their faces and their contentment made me feel great. These men and women all over ninety years of age were being treated like rock stars.

All this made me feel amazing. What Canadians did in WWII was truly defined by today’s ceremonies. The way they feel for our veterans makes me proud to be Canadian. Knowing what joy and freedom my country has brought to millions of people makes me feel proud to be Canadian.

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