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By: Rolf Li with Zakyr Rhemtulla

I almost never eat seafood that comes from a fish larger than Salmon. I also almost never eat fish that comes from any other place than Canada. There is a problem that is growing every single year that may run the oceans dry – of safe fish to eat.

Every single year, over 86.3 million tonnes of fish are caught and consumed from our oceans, and they are not replenishing themselves. The once-huge swordfish is now being caught at around 1/3 of its average weight in the 1970’s and there is no end in sight. The problem does not end there. Aside from the fact that unsustainable fishing is being practised everywhere, pollution is a driving factor in seafood related poisoning. Mercury, DDT, PCBs are all finding their way into out eco-systems, and once healthy fish stocks are being killed constantly.

In the 1990’s, Canada banned fishing cod within 350 kilometers of the Canadian shore. Shock waves flew through the industry as over 25,000 people lost their jobs and billions of dollars worth of potential fish were lost. In the late 1990’s, Canada started to restrict the fishing of Pacific Salmon in fear that the west coast will also suffer the same fate as the east. The reason behind all of this loss is our greed for more. Unsustainable fishing is not the answer to our growing demand for fish and marine animals. The boom will happen, but with this kind of fishing, we are destroying the future potential for the same industry that we spent so long building up.

The second reason that I am worried about the fish I eat is due to the chemicals that are inside of the catch. The World Health Organization has set a maximum safety cap of mercury in the seafood that we eat at 0.4 ppm. In a local study that was conducted in Japan, some types of fish and whales had 2000ppm–which will kill extremely fast. Of the 50 states in the USA, 49 had bodies of water in which the fish is not safe to eat. The last state, Wyoming, did not have a record of the levels of contamination.

I hope that now you see the problems with the seafood we eat. It will destroy us, and our future.



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