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My zakopinion:

The Toronto Maple Leafs (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA). Don’t worry let it out, the Leafs are a joke, trust me, I too had a fair share of chuckles. Leafs fans, you have to face it. Your team sucks. And by saying your “team” sucks (notice the quotation marks) I don’t mean the players on the “team” (once again take notice of the quotation marks), I mean the team itself. Like seriously, the Leafs have some of the best players in North America yet the cannot put the “team” (I don’t have to point out that there are quotation marks, but I’ll still do it for the fun of it) together. I mean you have that spoiled brat Phil Kessel who has no respect for anyone and anything. I have reason to believe that Philip is bi-polar. After all, he has his days and is most notably known for his periods of time where he does not speak to media or to anyone. He is also known for his scoring droughts. Wow, at a $6.5 million salary per year, I think this dude should be doing just a little bit more for the team. I have reason to believe that the top guys at MLSE were smoking something when they signed that contract.

With every “team” comes a captain, and judging by how this “team” performs and what their attitudes are like, some would get the impression that the “captain” of this “team” is not doing his job properly. BINGO! Those impressions turned out to be reality.

Dion Phaneuf, or the Pylon

as they:

like to call him, is anything but the typical captain. When compared to some of the greatest captains in Leafs history, the Pylon stands nowhere (see what I did there). This man brings home $8 million a year for him and his wife to throw around and share (please don’t pursue legal action Elisha) for just acting like a pylon. Heck, even Nazem Kadri could make a better captain!

Now I’m pretty sure all hockey fans are disgusted after reading this. Leafs fans, not so much as you guys are used to this type of BS. So who could solve the Leafs’ problems? Brendan Shanahan had the tough job of choosing the newest Leafs coach, however I believe he made the best decision.

Remember that mean looking guy who coached Team Canada to Olympic Gold in both 2010 & 2014?

Yeah, well, he’s the new Leafs coach. WOW. Yeah and guess how much $$$ they’re paying him…

You guessed wrong! That mean looking guy is getting paid $6.25 million a year! This was met by outrage from some, however I think it’s just perfect. After all he has to deal with millionaire brats like Bi-Polar Phil and Dion The Pylon Phaneuf. Well it seems like MLSE was NOT smoking something when they signed this contract. They’re dead serious about the Leafs (HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) at this point. What they want to do is take away that “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” every time someone mentions the Leafs (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA).

So that is my zakopinion. What’s your zakopinion? Make sure to vote below and feel free to further voice YOUR ZAKOPINION by commenting. The Leafs need this restructuring. Do you agree or disagree? What’s YOUR zakopinion?


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