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My zakopinion:

I don’t consider myself an automotive guru, however I have a little thing inside of me for cars. I love Domestic cars mainly because they are built in North America with Pride. I have little to no respect for companies like Mercedes and BMW who build most of their cars in their country of origin (Germany), and sell it to people in another country. I know this is how you do business, however you need to do a little bit more for countries that you sell your cars in.

Take Toyota and Honda for example. Honda has plants all across North America. Honda employs 25,000 people in the US and 4,300 in Canada. Toyota employs 37,000 people in the US and about 8,000 in Canada. They sell BUILD and SELL their cars in North America. They give back to the economy. You could say companies like Honda and Toyota are just about as domestic as companies like Ford and GM. I’m a pretty credible source for an accusation like this. Growing up and even until now, my family’s business has had many clients from Toyota and Honda, about 100 I would say. If this affects my family’s business, imagine how many family businesses this would positively effect. I can make a direct connection to automotive companies employing people in North America.

So let’s get a Mercedes comparison. Although Mercedes has a factory is the US which employs about 4,000 people, they don’t have one in Canada. However what Mercedes does claim is that they employ 1,200 people in Canada through dealerships (WHAT?). I believe this is total bogus. After doing some research I found that Honda’s US revenue for 2014 was about $6 billion. Honda employs about 25,000 people in the US. Toyota’s American revenue for 2014 was about 8,000,000,000,000 Yen which is about $64,646,416,330.05 USD. Toyota employs about 37,000 people in the US. Mercedes did not disclose their revenue, however they did sell about 356,000 vehicles in the US in 2014, the average price of these vehicles are about $45,000. If we multiply 356,000 by 45,000 we get $16,020,000,000. Wow, that’s like 1 quarter or Toyota’s sales even though Toyota employs 9 times more people.

What I believe should happen is that our governments should put increased taxes on imported vehicles or even ban them (yeah seriously). We cannot afford to have our people manipulated to buy imported products that hardly even benefit our economy.

And to those who say imports are better and more well made, well, Takata takes that claim away.

What’s your zakopinion? Do you like imported or domestic cars? Do you agree with Zak? Sound off in the comments and make YOUR zakopinion heard!

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