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In this world, nowadays mostly all you hear regarding technology are Apple and Samsung as they are the main companies competing in the phone market. Other companies such as LG, Sony and other Asian and American brands have gained a bit of foothold in the market. A company that was a big thing before the iPhone 4 came out was BlackBerry. I remember, for every person I passed, he/she was using a BlackBerry. Ever since the iPhone 4 was released, Apple started stealing BlackBerry’s customers. This caused BlackBerry to lose sales and many people thought BlackBerry would not even exist to this day.

Reasons that contributed to this was that the iPhone was touchscreen and had GAMES. On the BlackBerry, you would completely rely on the center button for pretty much everything. Most newer models don’t have that center button anymore as it is touchscreen. Because BlackBerry is a business phone, it did not have any of the good games that your could find in the Apple App Store. It did have an app store though, but only offered social network and work apps. Eventually, BlackBerry created a second app store which had almost every app you could find in the Apple App Store.

What people do not realize is that many government employees, business people and celebrities use BlackBerry. BlackBerry has a data protection system which NATO approves of along with other security councils, law firms and oil and gas industries. When you just read that celebrities use BlackBerry’s it’s a bit surprising, you would generally expect them to own an iPhone or a Samsung. Very recently, the “effective power” text that reboots your iPhone, has been a major blow to Apple. The company has been preparing an update for and it will probably take a while. These things would never happen to your everyday BlackBerry as it is safe, secure, and reliable.

What I like about BlackBerry is their Passport.

It looks more of a business gadget than everything else I have seen developed by BlackBerry and is the size of an actual passport. I have watched many ads on T.V featuring many celebrities and business people using the Passport. These people are really convincing me to trade in my iPhone 5s for a Passport. It is the best phone for business, it has the best features that will satisfy many and I believe it is better than what Apple has to offer. There is fast web browsing and good quality display, the BlackBerry Hub which stores all your notifications such as: messages, emails, social media, etc., and a long battery life. What Apple does is just redesign the shape and size of the iPhone, make some minor touch-ups and it’s as new phone!

As of now, there is no stopping me for getting the passport, except for my plan which expires in the next year. I honestly think that BlackBerry can step up their game even more to be as popular as they were five years ago. I think that the chances of them doing that will take a while and maybe they can be more targeting to non-business people. The keyboard and black coloured phones is what makes it a true design. I think people should stop thinking about BlackBerry’s past and actually realize that BlackBerry is a phone of success and it can satisfy many such as teens and young adults. Even if you hate the keyboard, you can get the BlackBerry Leap or Z30, some models that are a good for gaming.

Oh! I forgot to mention that BlackBerry now has the Amazon Appstore which is equipped with all the newest and latest games and apps.

This is Bossjamesopinionated, and BlackBerry has not died out!


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