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It’s a subject that has been debated by many. Why does everyone want to become a doctor?

“My son is becoming a doctor.”

“Oh my daughter is a doctor.”

“Oh all my kids are going to be doctors.”

“Oh I visit the doctor once a year.”

That last statement is the cold and hard truth. There are way too many doctors, and although it may seem as a good profession, the truth is that there are unemployed and starving doctors. How often do you visit the doctor? I go about once or twice a year. Even though healthcare is free in Canada, I don’t feel the need to visit a doctor each and every week to receive the same old news- that I’m going to die. In all seriousness I don’t think I’m going to die nor do I think that my cholesterol is high, but my doctor may. It is a mental state of affairs, I want to be positive.

Think about it, each and every person wants to be a doctor. So if there are 1,000,000 doctors in a city and only 999,000 patients, then there are gonna be some problems. Of course, these aren’t real figures, but the way things are going, it just might become a reality. The sad part is that (mostly Asian) parents push their children to become doctors. It’s almost as if they want their kids to end up hungry each and every night, lurking for something to eat with their degree in hand. It seems almost impossible to say that not everyone can become a doctor. Everyone CAN become a doctor. Just look at Dr. Potato for instance standing proudly with his degree (fortunately he’s employed):

Unfortunately not everyone will be as lucky as Dr. Potato. A recent study conducted in 2013 shows that 1 in 6 specialists cannot find work. Also, a recent article by the National Post shows that 78% of ENT (ear, nose, and throat) specialists that graduated last year also cannot find work. LISTEN UP PEOPLE! We don’t need more doctors. People hardly use the “free” healthcare that we get in Canada. So to Anne’s son, Mohamed’s daughter, and Lee’s 15 children, please don’t become doctors. You’re just shooting yourself in the foot (well on the bright side, at least you can heal yourself).

Do you want to become a doctor? If so why do you? If you have a zakopinion, sound off in the comments below.

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