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The Senate of Canada is a highly debated topic in Canada and there has not been an outcome. Over the years, some Canadian provinces had upper houses, they were either abolished before joining the Dominion or during the time the province was part of Canada. The lower house was still standing and the its name was changed to Legislative Assembly. Now it leaves the national upper house and nothing much has happened. Many people across the country want the Senate to either be reformed or abolished.

Let’s get to the facts, the only way to understand why many want the Senate to be abolished is to understand the facts.

#1: Many people want to vote for the Senators. As of now, the Prime Minister has the right to appoint whoever they want to be a senator. Compared to our friends to the south, they vote for both Representatives and Senators. Interestingly enough, China makes its political leaders vote for president, which is comparable to how in Canada the people aren’t allowed to vote for members of the government.

#2: Senators don’t work as much, but they get high pay. To me this is a big problem because I don’t think it is efficient to pay someone when they don’t work as much in one year. Senators don’t even work anywhere close to three months a year. This is just like saying, I am paying my tax dollars for health care that I use at least two or three times a year and someone out there is using my health care money well.

I think the Senate is actually useful and should go through a bit of reform after the elections. I agree that Bills should be reviewed after being pass from the House of Commons. It has been debated over and over again and the Senate hasn’t gone through any reform or been abolished yet. I agree with the Triple-E Senate (Equal, Elected, Effective) as this could be a final solution that could reform the Senate. Equal: each province must have the same amount of Senators. Elected: citizens can vote for Senators, rather than the prime minister appoint them. Effective: the Senate should have more powers in the Canadian Parliament. This is a good plan and our tax dollars seem to be in better use for the Senate.

This is Bossjamesopinionated, and it is time to reform the Senate!